Creative Sleeping Mask Usage

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I’ve been using sleeping eye masks for a long time – about 10 years now. Yes, I use them to get a quality sleep at night, but I do or have done much more with my sleeping mask. So for the other eye mask owners out there, I wanted to share some interesting usage ideas for your sleeping mask.

Sleep outdoors with your sleeping mask

eye sleep mask on the beach

Ok, this may be a blatantly obvious one, but I decided to put it here since I think most people associate sleeping, and especially with a sleep eye mask to being indoors. Well, that’s not the case for me…

Especially during my travels, but even on weekends, I’m quite an outdoorsy kind of guy. I go trekking, rock climbing, camping, and just to hang at the beach. All of these activities can get quite tiresome.

To restore my energy levels, I’m a great believer in the concept of midday cat naps, but as you can guess I have to block out the light.

So I just pop my sleeping mask out of my bag. Yes, it’s important to remember to pack it!

Just be careful to get a spot in the shade otherwise you’ll get an eye mask imprint on your face.

You may have to cop some slack from your friends for doing it. I, for one, am not ashamed of my sleep mask anymore. In fact, I call it my “macho macho mask” (like the Village People’s “Macho Man”) and sing it when someone thinks they could embarrass me! Haha.


Take someone to their surprise party

Yes, sometimes I like to surprise people. Everyone likes a surprise, right?

sleep eye mask surprise party

It doesn’t even have to be a birthday or a special occasion… I just like having people excited for what’s about to come and trust me to provide them with a good time.

Let’s say I have a friend who I want to surprise. In order to keep the suspense going for longer, while we’re driving to the secret location, I need to blindfold her so she has no idea where we’re going.

So remember to pack your sleeping mask with you! And at the right moment just say:

“I’ve got a surprise for you. Here, put this on… Not telling you where we’re going”.

I only do it with people I’m close with! I don’t want my new friends to get the wrong idea, especially if they don’t trust me yet.

Then, once you get to the party location, the eye mask doesn’t have to come off yet. Open their car door and lead them out of the car by your hand. It’s even more exciting if you have to climb stairs, go in an elevator or take some turns. Just make sure you direct them with your voice and your hands.


They’ll love you for it.


Eye mask for sexy bedroom games

sleeping mask as blindfold

Mmm. Suffice to say that it’s a major turn on to have your lover cover your eyes (or the other way around)– all the other senses become sharp.

You can sense their touch on your skin. You can feel the variations in it. You can feel the warmth of their body against yours, and you never know when and where they’ll touch next. Again, this is an exercise in control – and should only be done when the partners fully trust each other. But it’s good fun…

I’m not going to describe much more on these, just use your imagination. Or go and experiment in real life!


So that’s it for some creative uses of sleep eye masks. If any of my readers has an idea, please reply here in the comments, I’d love to hear it!

Your sleeping mask guy,


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