Sleep eye mask – who uses it?

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Sleep eye masks help you sleep better. By controlling the amount of light, it ‘tricks’ your brain to think that it is night and cause it to release chemicals which prepare your body to sleep. It’s a very natural solution to a good night’s sleep.

Some people who may be particularly interested in having a quality eye mask sleep:

Shift workers

shift worker sleeping mask

Shift workers (e.g. security guards, nurses, restaurant/hotel/bar staff) work in hours of the night when their body is naturally inclined to be tired. However, when they get time to sleep their body isn’t quite prepared for it – the state of light outside tells the body it needs to be awake. Shift workers tend to suffer from shallow sleep and have a harder time falling asleep. A sleep eye mask is a great solution.

Late dozers / late risers

sleep eye mask after party

Some people (myself included in various periods of my life) just stay up till late hours of the night. It could be too much caffeine, partying till late at night communicating with friends from the other side of the world or just catching up on good TV reruns :)

Either way, if you go to sleep in the wee hours of the night, you can expect the sun to be up not long after. And when the sun goes up, the quality of your sleep goes down. Having a sleep eye mask in that situation is great, and you can wake up at 11am feeling completely refreshed.

Light in bedroom

Many people know already that their sleep is highly affected by light, and would like to decrease it. However, sometimes this isn’t a viable option. If your spouse goes to sleep later than you and turns on the light late at night – or worse, sits next to you in bed reading – the quality of your sleep may severely suffer.

In some situations, one partner wants to put a drape over the windows or close the shutters while the other partner disagrees.

In situations like these, a sleep eye mask is a perfect solution. The bedroom can stay lit and our partners can keep to their ways – and we get a great night’s sleep.

Sleep Eye Mask for New mothers

new mother sleeping mask

Having a young baby at the house is a full time job. And not a 9 to 5 one either…

New mothers have a lot of problems catching up on quality sleep, as they are up at weird hours of the night, tending to their newborn. During the day, while the baby sleeps, even though they are extremely tired – their body disagrees – since it’s light outside it doesn’t let you fall asleep!

A sleeping mask can help a new mother to catch up on a few more hours of sleep here and there during the night or day. The quality of life that 6 hours of daily sleep offer is much greater than 4 hours!

Travelers love Sleep Masks

When you’re on the road, light conditions are going to be harder to control. Whether it is the hotel room you’re staying in, the 12-hour bus you have to take or the long flight – being away from home doesn’t help your sleep better.

Anyone who wants more darkness during sleep

If you feel you would enjoy less light in your sleeping environment when you go to sleep – for whichever reason – a sleep eye mask is probably a great solution.

Learn more about the types of sleeping masks out there.


Hope this helps!

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