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Eye Mask For Sleeping

Sleep eye masks provide you with a better quality of sleep by blocking out light – the difference is really quite marked. In the following article I will tell you how I’ve been experimenting with sleeping masks, until I found what I believe to be the best sleeping mask out there.

Sensitivity to light

I’m very sensitive to light when I sleep – even the light that comes in under the door or through cracks in the window wakes me up.

So I started experimenting with various light blocking techniques when I was 15. Now, I may be an extreme case, but most people will improve their quality of sleep if the amount of light which comes into their eyes is diminished.

Initially I closed the windows and door when I went to sleep.

I slept so much better that night – I wanted more! But closing the windows caused a lack of airflow which was a problem.

I tried to sleep with a beanie, and pulling it down to cover my eyes. It just made my face sweaty, and was uncomfortable for my eyes. On top of that, light penetrated through the fabric.

My first eye mask for sleeping

One day my dad offered me a sleep eye mask that he received on an international flight. It was a simple nylon mask, but it was the best I’ve tried so far. I slept like a baby – deep, calm sleep.

These sleep eye masks have problems though. They are of a very cheap make, and perhaps rightfully so – they are meant for one flight’s worth of usage only! The elastic chord would lose its elasticity and become too wide. The fabric would start tearing off or staining. And if I put it in the washing machine it would never survive…

On top of that, the cheap sleep eye mask would let some light come in from under it – it wasn’t completely sealed.

The kind of sleep eye masks you could find around in shopping centres weren’t that good either. Pharmacies and travel stores mostly sold the same quality mask as you would get on a plane.

However, I kept sleeping with these sleep eye masks for a couple of years, buying a new one every few months. Not a great solution.

Great sleep eye masks and the present

Eventually I found a website which sold a luxury sleep eye mask. It was called hibermate, and was made in Australia.

It was made of silk, was really comfortable, and blocked out light completely. It lasted long, and even made it through a couple of laundry runs. And it even had some sound blockage to it in the form of ear muffs which fitted on the mask. It sold for $40, and I really enjoyed it.

One day though, I lost it.

So I did my research again, and I found the Escape sleep eye mask. It had all the benefits of my old hibermate – only better. See, this mask has something called “eye chambers” design. This means your eyes don’t touch the mask – they fit inside eye pockets which make sure light is completely blocked! And this product sold for half the price – $20. I keep using it today and recommend it to all my friends!

This website

I started this website to provide information and news about products related to eye mask sleep – my favourite type of sleep :)

I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave feedback and participate in a discussion – I would love to hear if you thought a post was really good – or really bad…

So I’d sum it off with this – we spend about a third of our life sleeping… Might as well make it a quality sleep – an eye mask sleep!


Sleepy Al

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